Swiss Hackbrett Artist Nicolas Senn


At the age of four, Nicolas Senn (*1989) saw a concert by the Appenzeller Alderbuebe and was immediately fascinated by the Hackbrett (hammered dulcimer) with its 125 strings. In the meantime, the dulcimer virtuoso has played in Russia, India, China, Peru, America, Kuwait and for an aid project on the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro (5,895 metres above sea level). After several CD productions as well as TV appearances, he was awarded prizes such as the «Prix Walo» or the «Stadl-Stern» and won the «Grand Prix of Folk Music» in Switzerland.

The Swiss musician was on tour with the rapper Bligg, played in front of 120,000 spectators with the Swiss Army Band at the Basel Tattoo or explained the dulcimer playing to the German TV star Stefan Raab in «TV total». As a soloist, Nicolas Senn presents a virtuoso musical journey around the world, proving that everything from folk music to classical, jazz and rock is possible on the dulcimer. With the Appenzeller ensemble «Sennemusig» and the projects «dulcimer meets boogie woogie» and «classical meets folklore», Senn underlines his versatility. For ten years he has presented the award-winning programme «Potzmusig» on Swiss television SRF 1. Nicolas Senn is also an ambassador for Appenzeller cheese.